12 Fun Facts About Labs. Number 9 May Surprise YOU

12 Fun Facts on The Labrador Retriever

1. This Dog Has Class

The Lab is in the Retriever Gun-Dog Class. A Gun Dog is a class that excels at hunting, particularly over long distances. Retrievers are bred to bring back game undamaged to their owner while hunting.

2. Live Long And Prosper

A Lab's average life span is 12-13 years . There are two key categories of factors that have power or influence over your Labrador’s lifespan, and over the lifespan of any dog. One is the genetic information that each dog has inherited from his parents. The other is the events that happen to your dog during the course of his life, through puppy hood to old age. Things like accidents, injury, and disease.

3. Duck Duck Goose

Labs were bred specifically for expertise in hunting water fowl, such as ducks and geese.

4. They LOVE swimming 

Labs originated (surprise surprise) in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. They were originally trained to help retrieve heavy fishing nets from the water. They have been lovers of the water for generations.

5. Naturally Suited To Swimming

They have some help with swimming. They have webbed feet, slightly oily fur and a tail like an otter that acts like a rudder on a boat. These three facts help them swim, stay warmer longer and navigate, in the water.

6. English Or American

Labs are categorized into a) English Labs and b) American Labs.

7. English Lab Traits

English Labs tend to be more stocky and husky in appearance. They are more easily trainable and suitable for hunters.

8. American Lab Traits

American Labs tend to be leaner, with longer legs and seemingly boundless energy. They are suitable for an owner who has a LOT of time to exercise them.

9. You Aren't The ONLY One In On The Secret

The Lab is the most popular breed in the WORLD. According to the FCI worldwide figures. Ahead of German Shepherd and Poodles of all sizes.

10. Labs Smell

NO! Not like that, silly.

A Lab's sense of smell is excellent and allows them to find any scent and track it back to it's point of origin. This makes them greater tracking, rescue and contraband sniffing dogs.

11. All The Patience In The World

Labs have a reputation as a very even tempered and family friendly dog. They are very tolerant of children, and other animals.

12. Bred To Be Helpful

Labs are some of the best guide dogs in the world. They are commonly trained to assist the blind, those with autism and as therapy dogs due to their nature.

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