Cardinals RB 2016 Performances

Analyzing the stats of the 2016 Arizona Cardinals Running Backs

In Week 1 of the 2017 season, David Johnson, the star running back of the Cardinals, went down and won't be getting up for most of the season. Since he was a huge part of their offense, who is going to pick up all the slack? Early money is on Kerwynn Williams or Andre Ellington but Chris Johnson just got resigned and has to be considered as well.

2016 Rushing Stats

David Johnson rushed for over 1,200 yards and 16 touchdowns while maintaining a 4.3 yards per carry average and only fumbling 3 times. Combined with his 800+ receiving yards it's no wonder he went #1 overall in many fantasy leagues.

Andre Ellington led the rest of the rushers in carries with 34 attempts for 96 yards (2.82 average).

Chris Johnson was third in attempts with 25 attempts for 95 yards (3.8 average) and one touchdown.

Kerwynn Williams was fourth in attempts but led in yards (aside from Johnson of course). He had 18 attempts for 157 yards. He also got 2 touchdowns.

They all held onto the ball, none of them had any fumbles (lost).

2016 Receiving Stats

David Johnson was 2nd on the team in targets and yards. That's a big shoe to fill.

Andre Ellington led the other backs in targets with 19, catching 12 of them (63%). His average gain was 7.1 yards per completion (4.5 per target).

Kerwynn Williams was only targeted on 2 passes. He caught one of those attempts for 6 yards.

Chris Johnson was only targeted on 1 pass and it was incomplete.

2017 Week One

After David Johnson went down, Kerwynn Williams was the only back to get any rushing attempts. He finished the day with 5 attempts for 10 yards (only a 2 yard average but David Johnson was struggling as well with a 2.09 yard average). Williams also got a touchdown.

As far as receiving goes, Andre Ellington got 3 targets, catching on two of them for one touchdown and 35 yards. Williams only got targeted on one pass, which he caught but for only a gain of two yards.

Who Do I Go With?

The stats show that Williams probably deserves most of the rushes but Ellington will probably see the most passing down action. It's likely to become a committee in Arizona but my money is on Williams producing the most. Even if it is a small sample it's hard to argue with that 8 yard average last year.

We're going to see if an uptick in stats is in the cards for this weekend's game against the Carolina Panthers based off recent history.

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