Here's are 10 Awesome Photos Of ‘Stranger Things’ Stars Hanging Out Off-Camera

See the most adorable pictures from the cast of Stranger Things

Stranger Things

If you haven't watched Stranger Things on Netflix yet, you really should. It's the best Netflix original that I've seen so far. The 80s-tastic sci-fi horror show already has a cult following and there are plenty of reasons why people love it. But behind the much-loved characters is one of Hollywood's most talented casts.

Cast became friends

Apart from working together on set, the cast members of Stranger Things had also become very close over the last year. They are often spotted hanging out and having fun. Here are some memorable pictures of the cast out and about. If this doesn't give you another reason to fall in love with the show. I don't know what will. 

Starting scrolling to see the cast in some of their most adorable moments:

1. So sweet those two :)

2. So much fluff and puff in one picture

3. Wow, they look so grown up!

4. I can imagine Dustin making his trademark sound :D

5. With everything these two went through together, a roller coaster should NOT be scary.

6. Awwww it's hard not to love these kids

7. Looks like Steve just interrupted Jonathon's coffee break.

8. Sooo sweet

9. Billy is still wearing the unbuttoned shirts offset, I see

10. There she is...

It's really nice to see that the cast of Stranger Things genuinely, enjoy being around each other. It seems everyone really bonded during their time on set and it's great to see. These pictures show that when people from different backgrounds and age groups bond with each other, they form a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. We can't wait to see more of these kinds of adorable pictures.


In this video, we get to see the kids being themselves and enjoying the company of each other. Hopefully, this young cast remains close and we get more scary excitement in season 3.

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