Have you tried this dish for breakfast?? MOONG DAL DHOKLA

Healthy breakfast

Lets learn to prepare a healthy breakfast today-Moong dal dhokla

Moong dal dhokla is a healthy breakfast option. Moong dal gets easily digested and hence it can be served to patients also. Its delicious and nutritious... Any type of dhokla is basically prepared by fermentation and baking. They can be carried in tiffin too.


  1. 2 bowls of moong dal
  2.  1/2 teaspoon chilli ginger paste
  3. 4 teaspoon oil
  4. 2 boriya mirch( red round chillies)
  5. 1 teaspoon mustard seeds( rai/sarso)
  6. 4/5 curry leaves
  7. Salt as per taste
  8. Corriander for garnishing


1) Soak 2 bowls of washed moong dal in water for 4 hours

2)Grind in to fine paste.Let it fermentate for 5/6 hours. You can add 1 teaspoon eno( fruit salt) if you want to bake within 1 hour

3)Add chilli ginger paste and salt to it

4)Mix it well

5)Grease a plate and pour batter on it

6)Steam it for 10 minutes

7)Let it cool

8)Cut into pieces

9)In a pan, heat oil and add mustard seeds

10)Add  round red chillies( boriya mirch) and curry leaves

11)Add the pieces of dhoklas

12)Mix well and cook on medium flame for 7 minutes

13)Garnish with corriander and serve with chutney.

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