6 Reasons Why Yorkies Are WAYYYY Better Than Cats

Just so as it's clear, I’m more of a dog person. But just putting it out there, how can you not be? Cats suck. Yorkies wants to take over the house, we get that. But at least they will take their human pets along for the ride. After all, we are the keeper of the cookies. All cats want to do is plan your demise and pee in your shoes. I shouldn’t even have to write this article, but if you are umm, "petly" challenged enough to be in love with a cat, please read on.

Here are six reasons why cats suck and dogs truly deserve their just title of man’s best friend. Yorkies in particular.

6. Loyalty

Sure a cat requires way less effort, affection or supervision, but being less demanding means also less giving. I swear, if cats could talk, they’d say “I'm being nice to you and tolerating you human, but if you annoy me, I will bring you a dead mouse for breakfast.” Yorkies will be glued to your side as much as they can, until they are surgically removed. Watch out where you step, especially in the kitchen or in some tight places, because you may hurt a little paw if you are not careful. A good nickname for your Yorkie will always be “Shadow” since they are hard to get away from.

5. Their Skills

A Yorkie can learn his name, do some tricks, be a therapy dog or even hunt mice. A cat? Let me think for a second. They can eat like a pro (so can a Yorkie), sleep like a log (So can a Yorkie) and ignore everyone within a 10 mile radius. (A Yorkie can't). That is about the size of it. A Yorkie demonstrates their ability to “out think” their prey and to learn and accept training. However, their curiosity and stubbornness sometimes test their trainers as the Yorkie wants to do things in their own way. They know what you want them to do, they just aren’t sure if now is the right time to do it

Dogs actually make it a habit to routinely guard their family and provide love. Cats only set traps for their owners, plot the end of the world and smell horrific. The only thing worse than a cat is a cat owner, but them I am biased.

4. Their Love

Yorkies will love you no matter what and will be overly excited to see you if you leave for 5 minutes or two weeks. If you are ever sad, angry, happy, etc a Yorkie will know exactly how to act, whether it is with excitement or to comfort you when you are down. They have empathy and consideration. Your Yorkie will always be your biggest fan.

A cat will look at you like he’s never seen you, watch you sleep, poop in a box that YOU have to clean up and barf on your dry cleaning. No sign of love at all.

3. Their Look

Some Yorkies look funny, all look cute and some look goofy, but no matter what, you know they haven’t spent all day planning to murder you and your children. Make a funny noise and they’ll look all confused and cute and be ready to play in no time. But have a look at any cat… Most cats have this devilish-plotting look on their faces. All. The. Time. Talk about a resting bitch face.

2. Play time

All Yorkies want to do is play. Whether its with their tail, shadow, a Kleenex, ANYTHING can be a toy, how cool is that! They are one dog entertainment systems, as long as they are not feeling unwell. The adorable looks and cute faces they will make to try and get their way will test even the most strict of doggie parents. If you are having a bad or stressful day just call to your Yorkie and as they come prancing over to see you, your bad mood will most likely disappear.

Have you ever tried to throw a ball for a cat ? Please try. You will be surprised at how easily you can actually see the cat thinking “Pucker up and kiss my incredibly clean a$$.”

1. Protective Nature

Whenever you are walking your Yorkie, you feel at the very least, companionship. If your Yorkie sees another dog then it will let you know there is an intruder around. Same at the front door. You can't stop them guarding the place can you?. A cat, again, couldn’t care less about your safety. As long as someone is there to bring them food and pray at their altar, they don't really care who it is. Your Yorkie will love you forever, no question.

The Yorkie was bred to be a brave rodent hunter. Always “defending” your yard from “invaders”, the "brave" Yorkie will jump into action as soon as a squirrel, rabbit, significant other, boss, or bird may get too close. As hunting dogs, they need to be busy mentally and physically. This directly influences the Yorkie personality as the dog can and will become bored if not exercised or engaged with.

This, unfortunately, can lead to some misbehavior on the dogs part in the way of chewing, biting, barking, etc. These negative tendencies can be reduced by regular play and exercise. The Yorkie can usually get out some of their energy just by playing with a ball, or bone, or even with a car ride.

One caveat about cats though. If you have food it’ll defend the food not the human, every day of the week and twice on Sunday's. Point proven.

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