3 Halloween Kitty Videos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Halloween and cats just seem made for each other somehow don't they?

Ok, I admit it, I'm a day late on getting these out - mea culpa. My excuse is that I'm a lazy-a**!

Anyway, better late than never as the saying goes, so here are three Halloween related cat videos that certainly made me smile a lot and I'm sure will do the same for any true cat lover.

So dig out that black Halloween cape again and settle back to watch:

Video #1 - Two Cats Play Spooky Halloween Music On a Keyboard

These two beautiful and fluffy Persian Kitties seem to have developed a latent musical talent and the pair of them now have a great time playing all sorts of their own compositions on their keyboard.

They really do seem to have figured out that the different keys make separate sounds, and between the two of them they come up with some really eerie and spooky Halloween type sounds.

It's obviously tiring work for the pair though, which is why their human has to keep feeding them treats during their recital!

Video #2 - Cat Ghosts At Work!

Cats are naturally nocturnal of course, which is perhaps why they seem so suited to tales of the spooky and supernatural.

There's something quite creepy about they way they slink around in the darkness and their eyes glow in any reflected light, so it's easy to understand why they were often associated with witches and goblins.

Have you ever heard things going bump in the night? Maybe you've been scared by some strange glowing eyes in the dark?

It could be a poltergeist perhaps, but more likely it's a pussygeist!

Watch what your cat really gets up to at night – very funny

Video #3 - The Classic Halloween Cat Pose

I love the little kitty in this video, he looks to be a totally adorable character, I'd just so love to be able to take him home with me!

He seems to be almost aware that there's a camera on him and he really does seem to play up to it doesn't he?

The way he strikes the classic slinky Halloween pose is really funny to watch. I've seen various videos of cats doing it, but I've never been able to get any of mine to do anything even remotely like it. The most energetic thing my current cat seems to do is walk to her feeding bowl!

I hope that you enjoyed these three videos. Please comment and let us all know - and please, don't forget to share this content - thanks

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