10 Cats With The Craziest Markings You've Ever Seen!

It's almost as if some of these kitties have been painted!

If you're a confirmed cat lover like me then you'll appreciate the true beauty of our feline friends no matter what sort of markings they have.

Having said that though, after seeing these 10 kitties, you'll have to admit that they're somewhat unusual to say the least!

Vote for your favorite...

#1 - The Best Eyebrows Ever

What a wonderful expression - he's in a state of perpetual surprise...

#2 - There's a Cat On My Back!

Just a little bit spooky, don't you think?

#3 - The Marbled Look

Just like some marbled furniture...

#4 - Exclamation Butt!

This kitty is making a point!

#5 - Two Faced

This is Venus The Two Faced Cat. Well known on the internet, but always worth another look.

She's a really strange looking cat (but beautiful all the same), and it's hardly surprising she has a loyal band of online followers.

Here's a video I found of Venus for you to enjoy as well:

#6 - Hamilton The Hipster Kitty

He really is the perfect hipster isn't he?

#7 - The Secret Agent

Love the eye mask...

#8 - Keeping My Ears Warm!

Just in case I get cold...

#9 - The Cinnamon Roll

Almost good enough to eat...

#10 - Ja Mein Fuhrer!

The resemblance is quite uncanny isn't it?

and here's the same kitty in what appears to be a really bad mood:

Stop Press! I've found a few more crazy looking cats for you all to wonder at:

#11 - OMG! Don't Mess With This Dude!

Isn't he the most fearsome looking kitty you've ever seen? You'll probably find though that he's the sweetest natured cat around.

#12 - Awww! We Love You Too

The perfect cat for Valentines Day don't you think?

#13 - And Another Love-Cat

The love heart on this little sweetie is even more pronounced. How could anyone possibly resist her?

#14 - A Little Domestic Tiger

I wonder if he's as fierce though?

What's you're favorite one? Comment and let us know please - thanks

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