President Shot: More Conspiracy Theories Emerge

Who shot the President?

The recent release of nearly three thousand files by the American Government indicate a number of new angles and revisited leads that still do not get to the bottom of who ordered the assassination of President John F Kennedy. The main questions still remain who stood to gain and just as important who would see their positions protected or maintained by the death of JFK?  

Previously the focus has been on the Soviets and Cubans due to the alleged attempt to disrupt the Americans and their lead position in the world. Another reason put forward was the Cuban missile crisis and how Kennedy was seen by Moscow to be attempting to stop the communist aim to increase its sphere of influence.



It is alleged that the mafia were also very worried about the Kennedy brother’s intentions to take on their crime families via the FBI and CIA. There were huge concerns by the underworld to take apart their illegal activities whilst throwing many of the senior figures into prison with long sentences.

Even Vice President Johnson was sighted as a suspect and none of the explanations have fully ruled out a connection to the Washington elite, political and commercial interests.

So do the files recently released add anything new to this the strangest of mysteries?



However new suspects have emerged and rather than reducing the confusion they have in fact increased it. Sometimes you have to start at the end of a trail and work back and FBI Director J Edgar Hoover did just that by in the first instance warning of a potential death threat against Lee Harvey Oswald whilst in police custody. Hoover had said a phone call had been received at the Dallas office from a man indicated he was a member of a committee that had been set up to kill Oswald. However that was another trail that went cold.

The question arises was this the perpetrators planned way of silencing any investigation of the prime suspect? In fact the Chief of Police was notified twice that an attempt could be made on Oswald’s life. Yet when the suspect was being moved it was in the open with little protection and he was easily approached, shot and killed which silenced him and with it the evidence he might have provided. Whilst Jack Ruby (Oswald’s killer) had alleged rumours of underworld connections at the time this was not investigated fully. So the question arises were there more mob related connections that had not been exposed?

It was known Oswald had connections with the Russians and Cubans via their embassies in Mexico City and that he had sent a letter to the Soviet embassy regarding a visa. Hoover it was known wanted to push the view that Oswald was the real assassin and a loner. That way a line could be drawn under the sorry saga.

Over three thousand files have been posted online most of which it has to be said are documents that have been previously released. It will be interesting to see whether with the benefit of the latest software analysis programs if any further detail can be extracted.

President Trump has directed that some files will remain secret and this was done on the advice of the current security service hierarchy, they have been given six months to provide justification for them taking this position.

One of many curious aspects is that a British newspaper located in Cambridge it is said received a telephone call shortly before the President’s assassination essentially saying ‘something big was going to happen’ in America. It has never been proven that there were any connections with the events in Dallas and the current personnel at the newspaper have not been able to provide further detail.

Source: ABC News

Will we even know the truth of what happened that fateful day in Dallas? Probably not, though modern science and technology could play an important part in analysing the relevant evidence. This might shed further light on this the murkiest of historical events.

Even if the Government never lets the light shine fully. 

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