How Does Gronk Matchup?

Crazy stats for Gronk vs teams.

Do you know how Gronk does against his most common opponents?

No matter how well you know Gronk, I bet you'll find a few surprising facts in this article. These are unique stats about the teams that Gronk has faced the most.

Most common opponents:

  • Jets (11 games)
  • Bills (11 games)
  • Dolphins (10 games)
  • Broncos (5 games)
  • Steelers (5 games)
  • Colts (5 games)
  • Texans (3 games)
  • Bengals (3 games)
  • Charges (3 games)
  • Browns (3 games)

Against all of these opponents combined, he's gotten 4,136 of his yards and scored a total of 50 touchdowns on 274 completions (419 targets) in 59 games. That's an average of almost 1 touchdown every 8 targets and almost 1 per game.

Steelers and Colts

In Rob Gronkowski's time playing against the Steelers and Colts he has managed to score more times than he has not caught a pass intended for him. That's right. Gronk has been targeted 36 times against the Steelers, 8 of those have been for touchdowns and 6 have been incompletions. Against the Colts, he has been targeted 24 times, 6 resulted in touchdowns while 4 were incomplete passes.

He has more yards against the Steelers (496) than the Colts (347) but averages more yards per completion when playing the Colts (14.46) than the Steelers (13.78). Against both, he gets the catch on 83.3% of his targets.


Of these teams, the Texans are the one that Gronk received the least targets against. He's only been targeted on 17 passes, 10 of which were complete and 2 of those were for touchdowns. The Texans have also surrendered the most yards per catch of these teams (21.4 yards). 

Bengals and Browns

The Bengals gave Gronk his first touchdown and the Browns have never given him a touchdown. I would have never guessed that the Browns are the only team that he's played 3 times and hasn't scored a touchdown against.


This year, with 187 yards and 2 games to get them, Gronk could get to the 1,000 yard mark against a single opponent. Do you know which one? THE BILLS. Gronk also averages 1 touchdown per game against Buffalo, we'll see if he maintains that average.

Gronk scored his 69th touchdown of his career against the Bills, here's the highlight.

We're going to see if an uptick in stats is in the cards for this weekend's game against the Carolina Panthers based off recent history.

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