HOT Afghani Women In Mini Skirts Changed Donald TRUMP'S Mind

US President Donald Trump changed his mind about sending more troops to Afghanistan after a campaign by his national security adviser H.R. McMaster which reportedly included showing the president a photograph of hot women in miniskirts in Kabul!

The picture that helped change Donald Trump's mind on Afghanistan.

We already know one of the best kept secrets in the world. How great our women are. Now Trump, who has had many beautiful wives, seems to see the light too!

The picture from 1972 was used by Mr McMaster in an effort to demonstrate to Mr Trump that Western culture could return to Afghanistan if he sent more troops. 

Trump and McMaster

Trump had argued against US involvement in Afghanistan since his election campaign, calling it a "total disaster" and vowing to end the 16 year US involvement.


Trump announced his commitment to winning what had become the longest military involvement.

Previous reports have stated that Trump likes to receive information with charts and other visual aids. 

McMaster's ploy was part of a months long effort by generals and other advisors who wanted him to recommit to the 16-year old war. The idea was to convince the president that it was not a hopeless cause to continue.

It worked.

"My original instinct was to pull out, and historically I like following my instincts," Trump said.

Trump referenced his decision-making process in his speech. ''So I studied Afghanistan in great detail and from every conceivable angle. After many meetings, over many months, we held our final meeting last Friday at Camp David, with my cabinet and generals, to complete our strategy,' the president said.

Women in Kabul 2016 with no way to show their beauty and express their femininity 

Defense Sec. James Mattis also warned the president of the consequences of withdrawal – and the president's remarks made repeated reference to the risks of a 'hasty' removal of forces.

A third general, new White House chief of staff John Kelly, also held sway, as the trio of men with decades of military experience persuaded the commander in chief to keep up the fight.

The Women in Trumps world. Daughter Ivanka and wife Melania.

'Talking to generals, he realized, you pull out completely and this is what happens: You endanger lives, you endanger American interests, allies, troops, Afghanis who are our friends, and it's not a stable government,' an official said.

 Trump continued: "The American people are weary of war without victory. I share the American people’s frustration. In the end, we will fight and we will win."

Hopefully we do too bro, hopefully we do too. 

More documents have been released regarding the Presidents death, but will they provide more detail as to what really happened?

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